David Scott Parker Architects, LLC

P.O. Box 491
170 Pequot Avenue
Southport, Connecticut 06890
telephone 203 259-3373
fax 203 259-2204

10 Gramercy Park South, #2F
New York, NY 10003
telephone 212 477-1657

Please send inquiries to architecture@dsparker.com
Please send employment inquires to jwasilewski@dsparker.com


Driving Directions to Connecticut
From New York
Driving North on I-95, take Exit 19 – Center Street. At end of ramp, take a right onto Center Street. Continue to stop sign and turn left onto Pequot Avenue. Pass through village center and at stop sign, continue straight. Beyond three brick buildings on the left is #170, a yellow wood-frame house. Use entrance on the right.

From Boston
Driving South on I-95, take Exit 20 – Bronson Road. At end of ramp, take a left onto Bronson Road. Turn left at first stop sign. Go over bridge and at next stop sign, make a right onto Pequot Avenue. Continue to #170, sixth house on the right. Use entrance on the right.

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